The Challenge.

The Partnership.

The Commitment.

You are visiting the right website if:

  • You know that your urinary tract pain and misery has been discounted, ignored, labeled neurotic, or plain crazy.
  • You have been told that prayer is your only answer.
  • You have been told to ” Learn to live with it.”
  • You know the location of all the bathrooms in your area.
  • You can’t remember when you last slept through the night.
  • You don’t even mention sexual relations.
  • You know depression has become a part of who you are.
  • You feel no one understands, so you suffer in silence.
  • You can’t keep denying you have a problem.
  • You know that your career and/or relationships are being compromised.
  • You can see the wild look of desperation in your eyes.
  • You are ready to learn to understand your diagnosis and control your symptoms.

Who we are:

In February of 2000, five people met at Foothill Presbyterian Hospital in Glendora, California to explore whether a support group could help in dealing with the urinary tract problems of bladder dysfunction. Today, we have more than 300 members who have received the help and direction offered by our support group meetings that are held every other month.  (Check out our Meeting Calendar for upcoming events.)

Our Citrus Valley Group has moved forward with success because we have used education as the foundation for finding answers to our individual problems. We explore the challenge of IC, the partnerships needed, and the commitment required to regain the balance that is missing when IC symptoms take over a person’s life.

What we offer:

We offer hope by sharing what we have learned from the practical experience of dealing with the challenge of taking control over a condition that can have such devastating impact on our lives. Unfortunately, bladder membrane dysfunction waves no clearly visible flag to guide the general medical profession to the proper diagnosis. IC symptoms can mimic and cross over many disease lines. We appreciate the frustration that grows when a person bounces from doctor to doctor looking for solutions. We have come to the conclusion that each of us is responsible for our own progress. The magic is in learning how to control bladder dysfunction, and not have bladder dysfunction control us.

In this website, we offer answers to some frequently asked questions in our FAQ section. You can see the progress of individuals in our support by visiting the Group’s Voice page.  It features Joan’s story from our book, “I’m Peeing as Fast as I Can.”

If you would like to come to one of our meetings, you will find Meeting Dates, Times and Directions. In our Self-Help section you will find comments, rescue techniques, and diet information learned from our support group. At the Doctors Corner you will find insightful information. We have provided some Useful Links to help in your research on interstitial cystitis. You may also Contact Us to gain additional information.

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